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  1. Dancing partners Final X-Ray: Case Summary:An ortho patient with 36,37 carious. Surprisingly thin canals.. overcame with the magic of hand files and edge Endo. Files & Products Used:Edge Endo files till 30.06 Additional X-Rays & Extras: View full case
  2. 3 puffs full! Final X-Ray: Case Summary:An upper right molar. The canals were extremely thin and calcified. Files & Products Used:Edge endo files X7 series files. Additional X-Rays & Extras: View full case
  3. A curvy affair Featured X-Ray: Case Summary:A lower right 7 Patient reported with pain in the tooth. On examination there was a small crack running along the distal surface till the centre. Fortunately because it didn't extend till the root the tooth was saved. Extremely thin canals and curvatures. Negotiated with hand files using gyrometic. And later with protapers. Files & Products Used:Hand files using the gyrometic hand piece and protapers. Additional X-Rays & Extras: View full case