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  1. 2 Curved Under Wisdom! Final X-Ray: Case Summary:This was a pretty challenging case. I used many handfiles just to get a glide path. I then used Edge Endo X7 .04 taper. Warm Vertical Condensation with Kerr Pulp Canal Sealer. Files & Products Used:Edge Endo X7 .04 taper Additional X-Rays & Extras: by Dr. Rico D. Short Root Canal Rock Star! View full case
  2. by Dr. Rico D. Short Root Canal Rock Star!
  3. Edge Evolve ~ To The Sinus? Final X-Ray: Case Summary:I have the unique opportunity to try many files that come on the market. One of the previous files I used was the Protaper Gold and Vortex Blue. I thought they are very good files and still is but Edge Endo has put out a file that I think is better. Clinically to me, it's more flexible, stronger, and a fraction of the cost. It's called Edge Evolve. The EdgeEvolveâ„¢ Heat Treated is available in tip sizes 17, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and Taper sizes 04, 06, 08, 10 for each tip size with a maximum flute diameter of 1.0 mm for each file. This is one case that I performed on tooth #15 using .04 taper in one visit. One thing I don't really like is that the file seems to "click" while working very similar to the Brassler Sequence files. My favorite file so far is still the EdgeEndo X7. Dr. Rico D. Short Diplomate, American Board of Endodontics www.ApexEndodontics.net Files & Products Used:Edge Evolve 04 taper Additional X-Rays & Extras: View full case
  4. Pushing It To The Edge ~ Edge Evolve Case! Final X-Ray: Case Summary:This patient has an abscess associated with tooth #12. The diagnosis was a necrotic pulp with acute apical abscess. He was in pain. He decided to put an aspirin on the swelling last night. No No No!!!! Aspirin is an acid containing product. He now has a chemical burn on his gingiva and an abscessed tooth! 1 visit RCT I anesthetized with 1 carp 2% Xylo 1:100k and 1 carp Polocaine, RDI, Access with a 1958 bur, locate 3 canals under the microscope, used 6% NaOCl (full strength). This was a very tough calcified case. I used several size 6,8, and 10 handfiles...maybe 20! Working length was established with apex locator. I don't usually take file or conefit shots unless I'm not absolutely sure where I am. Canals were cleaned and shaped with Edge Endo Evolve 25mm/04...they were ok but I prefer the Edge Endo X7 25mm/04. They are more efficient and don't make a clicking noise...just my personal preference. Canals were sealed with gutta percha and Kerr EWT with Warm Vertical Condensation. Files & Products Used:Edge Endo Evolve 25mm/04 Additional X-Rays & Extras: Dr. Rico D. Short Diplomate, American Board of Endodontics "Getting To The ROOT Of Your Problem" 678-503-0790 http://www.ApexEndodontics.net Dr. Rico Short be speaking in May at the North Carolina Dental Society in Myrtle Beach! View full case
  5. Dr. Rico D. Short Diplomate, American Board of Endodontics "Getting To The ROOT Of Your Problem" 678-503-0790 http://www.ApexEndodontics.net Dr. Rico Short be speaking in May at the North Carolina Dental Society in Myrtle Beach!
  6. Retreatment With Large PAP Final X-Ray: Case Summary:This was a case that had a large area of infection. A previous root canal was performed with Thermofil. I decided to retreat this tooth #15. I disassembled the previous endodontic treatment and placed calcium hydroxide for 2 weeks. He return and I had to repair a transportion with MTA (Dentsply) from the previous treatment and an MB2 was located. This is a 1 year recall and the patient is asymptomatic showing very nice healing. The barium which is an opacifier in the CaOh is still present in some areas. Root Canals Work! #RockStars Files & Products Used:Profiles Series 29 04 taper Heat Chloroform MTA (Dentsply) CaOh2 from Ultradent Full Strength NaOCL Additional X-Rays & Extras: 1 YEAR RECALL View full case
  7. A "Long-Shot" Final X-Ray: Case Summary:Hello great world of "Tooth-Savers"! Have not posted in a while. This case was fairly challenging due to the curves in the MB and long palatal canal. Edge Endo gives you the "edge" on some of these tough ones! It is very important to establish a glide path with handfiles before using rotary. This minimizes instrument separation. Files & Products Used:Edge Endo 25mm/04 taper Full Strength NaOCl Kerr EWT Sealer K-files by hand Additional X-Rays & Extras: View full case
  8. High "5" Max 1st Molar!! Final X-Ray: Case Summary:This started out as a normal case. Usually there are 3 obvious canals with an MB2 later on approximately 90% of the time on the Maxillary 1st Molar. I located the MB2 and cleaned and shaped it. Then all of a sudden I saw a little bleeding using the microscope in between the MB and MB2. Well it turned out to be an MB3! There were 3 canals in this MB root which became a total of 5 canals. I was able to open the MB3 up using the S1 EdgeTaper Platinum 21mm. The rest of the canals were cleaned and shaped with the Edge Files X7 25mm. The canals were obturated with the warm vertical technique using Kerr EWT Sealer. Dr. Rico D. Short Diplomate, American Board of Endodontics www.ApexEndodontics.net 678-503-0790 #GraceLife Files & Products Used:Handfiles 6,8,10,15 Just Two Apex Locator S1 Edge Taper Platinum 21mm Edge Files X7 25mm Warm Vertical Gutta Percha Technique Kerr EWT 6% NaOCl 17% EDTA RC Prep Additional X-Rays & Extras: "Is That 5 canals?....*&*(*)*! View full case
  9. "Is That 5 canals?....*&*(*)*!
  10. "Broken File At Apex" Final X-Ray: Case Summary:Case of the Day I had a patient to come in today who had a dentist try a root canal on an "easy tooth". In the middle of the procedure, he noted a file broke off and the patient was in discomfort. He sent the patient to me. I was able to remove the file even at the apex (tip of the root) complete his root canal and save his tooth! That's what we do as Endodontist - Save Teeth Painlessly! Ask your dentist about an Endodontist before your root canal procedure. I have an article on Endodontic Retreatment in Dentistry Today and Inside Dentistry if you would like to know more about my technique. http://www.dentistrytoday.com/endodontics/7776-is-endodontic-retreatment-passe- http://www.dentalaegis.com/id/2015/08/preserving-natural-dentition-in-endodontically-treated-teeth Dr. Rico Short Board Certified Endodontist Apex Endodontics P.C 678-503-0790 www.ApexEndodontics.net Files & Products Used:Ultrasonics SP-19 tip (Osada-Enac) to remove file Staging with modified Gates Glidden Drill Size 4 Cleaned and Shaped with Edge Endo 25/04 Kerr EWT Sealer Additional X-Rays & Extras: View full case
  11. "Globular Maxillary Cyst?" Featured X-Ray: Case Summary:This case came in to my office in 2013. The patient was in pain and very swollen with a large periapical lesion. Pulp testing was performed and tooth 7 was necrotic and tooth 8 was vital even though the lesion enveloped both teeth. That is why pulp testing is critical! I told him that due to the size of the lesion it may not resolve with root canal therapy. It may need to have a surgery and sent to get a biopsy. He agreed to conservative root canal therapy. Patient was treated in 2 visits. Calcium Hydroxide was used for 3 weeks as the intracanal medicament. Patient returned for completion of root canal therapy. Today was a 2 year recall showing very nice healing. Dr. Rico D. Short Diplomate, American Board of Endodontics Apex Endodontics P.C www.ApexEndodontics.net 678-503-0790 Files & Products Used:Profiles series 29 UltraCal CaOH 6% NaOCl Additional X-Rays & Extras: Pre-Op of tooth #7 Tooth #7 with CaOH placed Endodontic Treatment Completed on tooth #7 2 year recall showing nice healing on tooth #7 View full case