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    Firstly, the "fire-wire" is what sets this file apart from all other files that I have tried (and I've used a lot of systems in my 20+ years of practice). What this accomplishes is controlled memory in the file as well as strength. This means that you can pre-bend the file before placing it in the canal. This is exremely helpful in posterior teeth when the patient has limited opening. It also follows even the most extreme curves, as seen in some of the posted cases, without wanting to straighten out, thus minimizing tranportation of the apex. In addition, it is also the most resistant to breakage that I have have seen. The price point is an added bonus! I am a huge fan.
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    Price difference was what caught my initial interest compared to other leading rotary file systems. At first the difference of feel and and flexibility concerned me. Now, I much prefer the feel and action of EdgeEndo over my old system. I have not separated any of the Endoedge files over the past 2 years. I separated several of the other leading brand system files over the course of 15 plus years. Great product!
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    Smooth and curvy Final X-Ray: Case Summary:This patient presented having had a crown placed several months prior on #14. He had a parulis towards the mesial apex. On the first visit, I opened and cleaned and shaped the canals being very conservative in my cervical and middle canals as the roots were 23-24 mm long. I used the 25/08 XR file to open the orifices and #8 and 10 hand files to establish patency and obtain working lengths. After irrigating with 10% citric acid, I established a glide path using PathFinders then shaped using .04 and .06 tapered EdgeFile X7 under full strength NaOCl (~8%). Both MB1 and MB2 were finished with 20/.06 and the P and DB canals at 20/.04. At a second visit, the canals were obturated using thermoplasticized gutta percha with Kerr's EWT sealer. Files & Products Used:Edge File XR-R2 (orifice opener), Edge File 30/04, 25/.04, 20/ 04 and 20/.06. Additional X-Rays & Extras: View full case
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    3 puffs full! Final X-Ray: Case Summary:An upper right molar. The canals were extremely thin and calcified. Files & Products Used:Edge endo files X7 series files. Additional X-Rays & Extras: View full case
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    Find me too !!! yours MB2 Final X-Ray: Case Summary:Case of maxillary 1st molar with routine 4 canals... Separate portal exit for mb2 Don't Miss out MB2 . . It's almost always there. Thank you Dr. Nilesh S. Kadam MDS Files & Products Used:Flexicon Additional X-Rays & Extras: View full case
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    Endo Final X-Ray: Case Summary:Patient complaining of pain #30 , scouted the canals with file#10 , rinse and recapitulation with naocl, edta , alcohol, file#15, used X-3 Endo edge files, master poiint#25 dry with paper point sealer, fill back technique. Files & Products Used:Endo edge files X-3 Additional X-Rays & Extras: View full case
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    At AAE 2015 in Seattle you gave out Root Canal Rock Star t-shirts. Our whole team got one, and we LOVE them! We even wore them for our Christmas card picture that we sent out to all our referring offices. We have a new team member and would like to get a t-shirt for her. Is there a way we can purchase one for her?
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    90 degree meets 40/10 evolve Featured X-Ray: Case Summary:#3 partially necrotic tooth with a severe curve greater than 90° in the mesial root. Formed the glide-path with a number 10 hand file and established working length. Then used the EdgeEvolve rotary files. Took a 17/04 filed to work in length. Then took each successive file to the working length 20/04 25/04 30/04 35/04 40/04. Then increased the taper with a 40/06 40/08 40/10. What's obvious is how well the 40/10 was able to negotiated the 90 deg curve in the mesial root. But what's more subtle is how well it kept the apical anatomy in the palatal root and the slight S curve in the distal root. That's innovation! Files & Products Used:EdgeEvolve EdgeLube EdgeSeal EdgePaperPoints EdgeCore Additional X-Rays & Extras: View full case
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    Virgin1 Featured X-Ray: Case Summary:This case was tooth 14 with very narrow and calcified canals. I decided to use the Edge Endo files vs my normal files of Vortex Blue on these cases. First Case with Edge Endo‚Äč! Calcified tooth 14. Very nice result. Strength, Flexibility, Efficiency, Confidence, and Reduced Cost! I will be incorporating these files in my root canal treatments. Thanks Dr. Charles Goodis! #RootCanalsRock Dr. Rico D. Short Diplomate, American Board of Endodontists Files & Products Used:Edge Endo X7 Additional X-Rays & Extras: View full case
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    I recommend and designed the 17/04 as a pathfile. I know of a lot of dentists and endodontists use it as a pathfile. Check it out and see how it works. Thanks for asking!
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    This is where you would post to get help with a case. Include X-Rays, videos, etc. You can start a case from anywhere, even your phone.