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    Smooth and curvy Final X-Ray: Case Summary:This patient presented having had a crown placed several months prior on #14. He had a parulis towards the mesial apex. On the first visit, I opened and cleaned and shaped the canals being very conservative in my cervical and middle canals as the roots were 23-24 mm long. I used the 25/08 XR file to open the orifices and #8 and 10 hand files to establish patency and obtain working lengths. After irrigating with 10% citric acid, I established a glide path using PathFinders then shaped using .04 and .06 tapered EdgeFile X7 under full strength NaOCl (~8%). Both MB1 and MB2 were finished with 20/.06 and the P and DB canals at 20/.04. At a second visit, the canals were obturated using thermoplasticized gutta percha with Kerr's EWT sealer. Files & Products Used:Edge File XR-R2 (orifice opener), Edge File 30/04, 25/.04, 20/ 04 and 20/.06. Additional X-Rays & Extras: View full case
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    3 puffs full! Final X-Ray: Case Summary:An upper right molar. The canals were extremely thin and calcified. Files & Products Used:Edge endo files X7 series files. Additional X-Rays & Extras: View full case
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    Find me too !!! yours MB2 Final X-Ray: Case Summary:Case of maxillary 1st molar with routine 4 canals... Separate portal exit for mb2 Don't Miss out MB2 . . It's almost always there. Thank you Dr. Nilesh S. Kadam MDS Files & Products Used:Flexicon Additional X-Rays & Extras: View full case
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    Endo Final X-Ray: Case Summary:Patient complaining of pain #30 , scouted the canals with file#10 , rinse and recapitulation with naocl, edta , alcohol, file#15, used X-3 Endo edge files, master poiint#25 dry with paper point sealer, fill back technique. Files & Products Used:Endo edge files X-3 Additional X-Rays & Extras: View full case