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"Too Much Wisdom"

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Dr. Yuliya Salmeron

#32- Symptomatic IP with symp. apical periodontitis
Pt had throbbing pain for several days related to this tooth
CBCT showed M root curving severely in D direction and D root curving in 2 planes: D and B


I opened up the coronal and middle third with Protaper Gold S2. Hand filed apical with #8,10,15 K files and ;astly used EdgeEndo X7 20.04, 25.04 and finished with 30.04. Lots of irrigation with NaOCl, towards the end EDTA, then MTAD.
Obturation: Warm vertical with BC sealer
EdgeEndo did a great job shaping the apical part. That was my first time using EdgeEndo in a curved case, and it worked!


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