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Pushing It To The Edge ~ Edge Evolve Case!

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Dr. Rico D. Short

This patient has an abscess associated with tooth #12. The diagnosis was a necrotic pulp with acute apical abscess. He was in pain. He decided to put an aspirin on the swelling last night. No No No!!!! Aspirin is an acid containing product. He now has a chemical burn on his gingiva and an abscessed tooth!

1 visit RCT

I anesthetized with 1 carp 2% Xylo 1:100k and 1 carp Polocaine, RDI, Access with a 1958 bur, locate 3 canals under the microscope, used 6% NaOCl (full strength).
This was a very tough calcified case. I used several size 6,8, and 10 handfiles...maybe 20!
Working length was established with apex locator. I don't usually take file or conefit shots unless I'm not absolutely sure where I am.
Canals were cleaned and shaped with Edge Endo Evolve 25mm/04...they were ok but I prefer the Edge Endo X7 25mm/04. They are more efficient and don't make a clicking noise...just my personal preference.
Canals were sealed with gutta percha and Kerr EWT with Warm Vertical Condensation.


Edge Endo Evolve 25mm/04





Dr. Rico D. Short

Diplomate, American Board of Endodontics

"Getting To The ROOT Of Your Problem"


Dr. Rico Short be speaking in May at the North Carolina Dental Society in Myrtle Beach!

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