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Captain Hook Waaayyy Up!

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Dr. Rico D. Short

A general dentist tried to perform root canal treatment on tooth 13. They reported to keep getting stuck. They took a cone beam and saw the lingual canal had a hook that went towards the mesial then to the palatal. They sent the patient to me and she was still in pain especially to cold and biting. I diagnosis tooth 12 causing cold/biting pain and tooth 13 hurt constantly. I performed both treatments with the EdgeEndo files .04 taper. The EdgeEndo file scouted out and around the calcified lingual canal like a hot knife through butter. I was very impressed and was not concerned about file breakage. I used it for tooth 12 also. Both teeth had canal lengths of 25mm.


EdgeEndo .04 taper
Gates Glidden
Kerr EWT Sealer
Warm Vertical Condensation


The Root Canal Specialist To The Stars!


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