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"A Huge Lesion with Gutta Percha Floating"

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Dr. Rico D. Short

This was a case I treated about 6 months ago. Tooth 10 was necrotic with a large area of infection. I was concerned that it may be a cyst due to the size and circumscribed area. The patient had pain and swelling. Teeth 9 and 11 were vital. I explained to the patient that he will need endodontic treatment and if the tooth does not respond to treatment he will need and apicoectomy and biopsy of the area. Treatment was initiated. I anesthetized with 2 carp 2%Xylo 1:100k epi, rubber dam applied, access, gross drainage, cleaned and shaped with profiles series 29 and handfiles up to size 100. Calcium hydroxide paste was placed for 1 month. The patient was brought back and I used a standard size 100 gutta percha cone. Upon pulling it back a piece of it snapped off beyond the apex. I told the patient that we will monitor the case. I brought the patient back in 6 months. He said the tooth felt great. I saw radiographic healing and the gutta percha resorbing and bone healing pushing it to the apex!


Profile Series 29
Gutta Percha Cones
Calcium Hydroxide
"Prayer" :-)

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