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Multi Form Apex

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Difficult though a bridge RCT. Distal canal apex locator reading was 2.5 mm short of actual length on radiograph. Mesial canal readings were reading past the apex. Took a PA to verify length.
Acute abscess with purulent excudate upon accessing pulp chamber. Mild pain. Non-vital. Post op radiograph shows multiple apical foramen. Pleased with Edge Endo products and their capability to seal such canals. MB,ML,D canals. Looks to be a good seal. Very close IA nerve. Careful not to overfill.


Used 10-15 hand files, 20-06, 30-04, 30,06, 40-04 EdgeFile X5 rotary to 22 mm. Full strength irrigation, Edge paper points with Edge seal. 30.06 Edge Fill x 3.

Why would my Morita apex locator give me 2 mm short readings, anyone?


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